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Default Re: Fate of Tianjin Auto

Tianjin Automotive Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. has been merged with Tianjin Baili Machinery and Electric Holding Group Ltd. to form "Tianjin Baili Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd.", and is now part of the BENEFO (Baili Equipment) group. This took place in January.

At the time of merger, TAIG owned 28.2% of FAW Xiali.

A more detailed news article, announcing the merger as well as lamenting the withdrawal of TAIG from the auto industry:

[Interestingly, Tianqi Meiya has been calling inself "Tianqi Motor" for quite some time, so the "Meiya" brand name has already fallen in disuse except in official contexts.]

As for Hawtai, it looks like the company will end up with four assembly/manufacturing plants and massive overcapacity/idle capacity in the short term, considering its current level of sales.
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