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Default BAIC assembly plant in Algeria

BAIC Industrie Internationale Algérie inaugurated its assembly plant in Batna province, Algeria, in late December. The program includes D20 hatchback, X25 (these two already being exported to Tunisia), X35, BJ40, and Pickup (ZX Terralord)

Over the last four years, after the Renault and SAFAV-MB plants were established, and with the government severely limiting auto imports and actively encouraging local production, the auto industry has rapidly picked up pace in the country. Hyundai, VAG, Kia and more recently Peugeot and Suzuki have set up assembly facilities for passenger cars in cooperation with local partners. Foton and Chery (among the Chinese) produce commercial vehicles.

Algeria is not new to vehicle production though, with SADAB (which eventually became SNVI) and CARAL having been set up towards the end of the fifties.
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