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Default Re: Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) Introduction

Thank you for your response. I made the chart myself, with the information I could find. I do not guarentee it is correct.
I made some silly mistakes in creating the chart: the word Supervision is missing from Beijing SASAC (at the top) and Arcfox is missing from the list of brands.

To address your comment: to Daimler stake is in BAIC Group passenger car unit, which is BAIC Motor Co and it is on the chart. I have 10% as opposed to the 12% in your related article. Will check notes ;-)

Not in the chart is Daimler's 4% share of Beijing Electric Vehicle. Dmitra explained in a different topic the complicated share transfers that have been taking place this year with that company, so I'm not sure if it still exists, and if so, if it is Beijing EV or in the new Beijing Blue Park.
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