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OK, so many issues (with the group, not Leo's chart), where do I even begin?

1. Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., incorporated in 1994 (as a corporation), then called "Beijing Automotive Industry Group Corporation", in 2000 becomes Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd., in 2010 renamed to Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd.

In July 1973, Beijing Municipal Party Committee approved the establishment of Beijing (Municipal) Automotive Industry Company (北京汽车工业公司). This was a municipal-level bureau under committee supervision which unified management of 10-odd auto-related enterprises (plus 80 supporting factories). This itself was not a manufacturing operation.

In late 1980, this entity was renamed Beijing (Municipal) Automotive Industry Corporation (北京市汽车工业总公司). Some 33 minor factories under its supervision were then reorganized into two enterprises for auto parts and engine parts.

In 1987, following a reformation of the management system, Beijing (Municipal) Automotive Industry Corporation was abolished and replaced with a more business-focused Beijing Automotive Industry Joint Company (北京汽车工业联合公司). Note the Shi (市) was dropped from the name. This was more like a cooperative union of participating enterprises.

Towards the early 1990s, this system of organization was becoming too unwieldy to manage, with apparent lack of cohesion between the participating enterprises, so the Chairman of the China Automotive Industry Corporation suggested another set of reforms to the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

In June 1992, the entity was renamed again, this time as Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (北京汽车工业总公司). This name is similar to the 1980 name, with the "Shi" removed.

In 1994, Beijing Municipal People's Government finally decided to establish a formal corporate structure (the "modern enterprise system") for the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation, and Beijing Automotive Industry Group Corporation (北京汽车工业集团总公司) was incorporated. This entity is continuing today, as a limited liability company, as Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (北京汽车集团有限公司) or, informally, "BAIC GROUP".

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Beijing State-Owned Capital Operation and Management Center, which is an assets management company of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal People's Government (Beijing SASAC).
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