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Very helpful post about the "Off-road mystery"!

So now I understand where the Offroad Vehicle Company comes from, but where is it going?
Up until recently BAIC Motor Co ltd sold its cars under 4 brands: BAIC Senova, BAIC BJEV, BAIC BJ and Wevan (Weiwang). BAIC Senova and BAIC BJEV have been joined under the "Beijing" name and Wevan has been transferred to BAIC Changhe. That leaves BAIC BJ, for which BAIC Motor commisioned the cars from the Offroad Vehicle Company.

BAIC Motor's 2019 interim report says about this:
Since June 2019, BAIC Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. (formerly known as the Off-road Vehicle Branch of BAIC Group, “Off-road Vehicle Company”) has ceased to accept the Company’s production commission for the “BJ” series off-road vehicles (mainly BJ 40 and BJ 80 vehicle models), and the Company has ceased to sell the above-mentioned “BJ” series off-road vehicles.
I guess these BJ-products are quite successfull in the market, so I don't expect to be cancelled. Does this mean that BAIC Group will sell these BJ-series vehicles itself? Will they also feature a "Beijing" logo, or are they continued to be sold as BAIC BJ?
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