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Default Geely GE - Chinese Rolls-Royce

in the upcoming 2009 Shanghai Auto Show, the Geely cars will carry 22, 9, engine and transmission 3 exhibitors, of which 22 vehicles are under three sub-brand new car, in the middle cars are no longer participating. At 22 new models, the most concern among the lucky high-end luxury cars GE, that is, before the rumors of the "small Rolls-Royce", car home for the first time in this vast number of users has its first exposure of the picture, let us preview!

It is reported that Geely GE car about 5.3 meters in length, wheelbase of about 3.1 meters. In the car, are also Rolls-Royce Phantom style: before and after the row isolation glass, wool carpet and roof, such as Star, give the very same feeling of luxury.

On us can be seen from the shape, which Rolls-Royce Phantom has a very similar shape, which is auspicious The concept of high-end luxury cars: a Rolls-Royce-style products.

In addition, we note that the car's rear seat is only one highlight of the rear seats of the distinguished. On both sides of the back seat at the bar and have refrigerators, and also specialized in the door inside the storage Grid release cigars.

Geely GE at 2009 Shanghai Auto Show will be the official debut, and on the auspicious introduction exhibitors products, motor vehicles home will also be brought later, so stay tuned!

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