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Mitsubishi to unify sales networks in China

Compared with other foreign manufacturers, Mitsubishi's presence in China has been relatively low-key. According to a report appearing in the Beijing Times today, the manufacturer now has plans to combine its two sales channels for its joint ventures with GAC and Soueast with its one for imported vehicles. The plans are already in the process of being negotiated, with Soueast co-owner Fujian Motor having already voiced their support.

Despite a relatively strong performance in the first half of 2012, Mitsubishi's sales took a sudden nosedive as protests advocating the boycott of Japanese goods spread throughout China. By the end of the year, the manufacturer sold just 50,000 vehicles in the country. The Chinese market accounted for just five percent of its global sales over the year.

In addition to rising anti-Japanese sentiment in the latter half of 2012, Mitsubishi suffered due to its lack of both a variety of products and effective sales channels with which to sell them. Mitsubishi hopes that by combining its sales channels, it will be able to attract more customers.

Guangqi Mitsubishi's SUVs and upcoming sedans will be sold alongside Soueast's Mitsubishi sedans and various imported Mitsubishi models. Furthermore, Guangqi Mitsubishi, Soueast and Mitsubishi China 4S dealerships will all use the same Mitsubishi logo to present a unified image.
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