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Without old cars, there'd be no new ones.

If you think it looks familiar, that's because it is. The SH-760 is based on the Mercedes "Ponton" generation of the late 1950's:

Even the engine was a direct clone of the Mercedes straight-six. This was all done legally, btw - just as the ZIS was a clone of the old Packard 180.

If you think they all look alike, you haven't been exposed to enough old cars. All cars bear a strong resemblance to others of their era, but in the fifties this was much less so than it is today. A Geely looks not that dissimilar from a Toyota or a Chevy, though it does look different. Even a Ferrari uses the same style of plastic bumpers and molded-in trim as a Geely or a Chery these days - producing a much more generic look than cars of the past.
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