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Default New H3 GPS and radio switch from Chinese to English

Hi All

I just bought a hover and will receive it next month . after having tested all version i finally took the 4G69 as the diesel engine, 2.5, 2.8 and 2.0 are really not worth being installed on a 4wd. They got no torque under 1800 or 2000RPM, really disappointing when you look at the specs and magic numbers.

At the opposite, the gas engine is really alive, punchy from low rpm and really enjoyable.

Now come the issue, I asked my dealer if he could change the the GPS and radio display to english , and he could not give me an answer. .

As the hover is sold in many countries, i believe it should be possible to get the English version in it, but i have no idea where to find it, and how to do it .

Any of you already tried this?

I will have the original Greatwall not some after sales install .

I will keep you posted as i make the upgrades, it is planned to be a very hot machine
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