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Driving HAVAL Comparable to International Brands for Crossing the Country and the Desert, Zhou Yong Rising to the 16th Position, Hitting a New Record in China
Great Wall Motor Company Limited
On January 12th of the local time, the route of around Copiapo, known as the most difficult stage of 2011 Dakar Rally, was not really very serious for Zhou Yong. What surprised members of the racing team more was that he came back to the camp at 2:30 pm.
The nearly perfect performance of Zhou Yong not only refreshed Chinese racers and accompanying personnel, racers and maintenance personnel of other teams also came to congratulate him. At the camp of the Great Wall team there were always curious foreigners holding cameras and scrambling to see the Chinese self-owned brand motor. Even Lv Ji’an, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Yannick, Chairman of Dakar Rally Committee, specially visited the maintenance area of the Great Wall Motors Loong Racing Team and nodded at HAVAL SUV’s performance and rained praise on Zhou Yong’s achievement. The official website of the Organizing Committee and French Auto News and other media successively took Zhou Yong , the representative of Chinese strength as their report contents.
Yes, it’s really an interesting phenomenon, which was unimaginable at the beginning of the rally. At the first stage, Zhou Yong only ranked 85th due to his strangeness to HAVAL SUV, the brand-newly built racing car. However, the process of Zhou Yong’s adapting to the racing car was gradually shortened with the increase of difficulties. From the 6th stage on January 7th, Zhou Yong’s performance soared from the 39th position on the previous day to the 20th position and ranked 34th in the total performance.
During the following four stages, his performance remained stably rising. At the 7th stage on January 8, Zhou Yong ranked 17th with the overall ranking of the 22th. At the 8th stage on January 9th, his ranking rose to 16th position with the overall ranking surpassing the 19th he hit. At the 9th stage on January 10th, he once again maintained the 16th position with the overall ranking promoting to the 17th. At the 10th stage on January 11th, he ranked the 18th with the overall ranking up to the 16th.
So far, during the 2011 Dakar Rally, Zhou Yong has become a star to some degree. Is it a little exaggerating since Zhou Yong has not ranked the Top 10 yet? No. If you have a look at the people who rank before Zhou Yong on the Overall Ranking List, you will know how hard it’s for Zhou Yong to achieve such results and why there are so many people screaming as those South American car fans at the fences out of the camps.
During the rally, the ranking depends on not only the racer but also the racing car. The racers rank before Zhou Yong are all driving racing cars of manufacturer teams and former manufacturer teams, as well as the SMG Racing Team who is not inferior to these manufacturer teams. Keep in mind that not all the racing cars and racers who attended the rally earlier and enjoyed higher reputation rank before Zhou Yong, many racers of the BMW team and Humvee team rank behind Zhou Yong.
Let’s turn to the racers, racers from the BMW team and former Nissan and Mitsubishi teams are all professional racers such as Stephane Peterhansel and Rome who are ambitious to win the champion, let alone the four racers ranking the TOP 4 from the Volks Wagen team. This means that Zhou Yong has already become a superior racer of Dakar Rally in which the top racers are all from various powerful teams; besides, it also means that Chinese racers are no longer satisfied with simply participating in the Rally, but entering into a stage of competing with other mainstream auto teams.
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