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also the same engine in the wingle pick up from paris,the engines comply with euro 3 emission standars

personaly i think that engine needs more power,only 94 ps for 1900 kg from hover?? that engine will go for sure for about 300000 miles,but i think that it's too slow,i never drive it yet..i will try now when i go in china,for pick up...also,i think that they both shoud have at least 100 kw like some other companies,toyota,mazda,nissan (174 ps from navara),also only euro 3 emmison??? here in europe you can't sell diesel with euro 3 engine,you can in countires which are not part of european union,but in 2007 and 2008 also it woun't be availbe

they can put VM engine from italy,it's euro 4,other companies also have it (jeep,hyundai) and have 100-110 kw,for chinese market this engine will be ok,also for middle east,but for european...i don't know,maybe for "old school" drivers and fan of diesel engines
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