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Default Chery Egypt

Speranza brand has been retired; relaunched as Chery.


Chinese automaker Chery Automobile is returning to the Egyptian market with the relaunch of models previously sold under the Speranza brand.

The company's partnership with local assembler Aboul Fotouh Automotive (AFA) has been rekindled and the Speranza brand dropped in favour of Chery.

Chery said it has sold around 30,000 vehicles in Egypt under the Speranza brand since it first entered the market in 2004, including the Tiggo SUV and the A516 passenger car.

AFA will resume Chery car assembly at its plant in the 6th of October City on the outskirts of Cairo, with an output target of 35,000 units annually.

Chery has also entered into a sales partnership with local assembler and distributor Ghabbour Auto, to help maximize its sales potential in Egypt. Ghabbour, which also distributes and sells vehicles for brands such as Geely, Mazda and Hyundai, has strong marketing and sales capabilities in the country.

Geely hopes that its new three-way partnership will allow it to sell around 35,000 vehicles annually in Egypt, split more or less evenly between AFA and Ghabbour.

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