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Changfeng - Kerman Khodro
Zotye - Rigan Khodro
Huanghai - Azar Motor
Hawtai - Kerman Khodro

Corrections or additions are welcome....
Leopaard CS10 and Hawtai A25 were planned by Rigan Khodro in 2017-2018, some kits could have been test-assembled but the two models have not been offered as locally assembled products (till March 2019, Rigan did not even have its own assembly line and used sister company Rayen Vehicle Manufacturing's facility).

Some Chinese makes are hidden under local brand names, e.g. Zhongxing is present in the table as Bahman Capra; the Landmark stopped being produced in the year AP 1395. Zotye is represented by Rigan (Coupa) and Saipa (Ario) which are in the table. Huanghai, as AMICO, is in the table.

There are a few more Chinese models assembled but not included in the table by MIMT. These would include the Rayen Vela V5, production of which was recently revived, and new introductions like BAIC X25, Bisu T3 and T5, Foton Sauvana, Hanteng X7 and X5, Chery Arrizo 6, or MG RX5.

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