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Lightbulb Some Popular Chinese cars in Iran

Haima S7 Turbo Automatic
The first Chinese option of 800 million Tomans that we will examine is Haima S7 Turbo automatic model 99. Iran Khodro single-differential crossover assembly, which has a relatively poor propulsion and performance despite its relatively acceptable design. The technical specifications of this car do not look so bad on paper, but when it comes to efficiency, the engine and gearbox of this car have practically nothing to say. The awful acceleration of the Haima S7 Turbo is not at all suitable for a car in this class and price.

Haima S7 does not have a good second hand market and it is difficult to buy and sell. Cerato Saipa, Chery Tigo 7 are competitors of this car with the same price, but of course the market conditions are relatively better compared to Haima S7.

Chery Tigo 7 Excellent
The Chery Tigo 7, which is known as the flagship of Chery trucks, is also considered to be one of the most beautiful products in the history of Chery. Among Chinese competitors, Chery Tigo 7 is the most beautiful. In terms of options and amenities, Tigo 7 is a head and neck higher than its compatriot rivals.
In terms of technology, however, the Chery Tigo 7 does not live up to expectations. The 1.5 liter engine does not weigh more than 1440 kg and we do not see extraordinary acceleration of this car, which of course is quite common among Chinese cars. Due to the conditions and installment sales plans of car managers to buy the zero model Tigo 7, the second-hand market of this car is not very prosperous.
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