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Zotye Auto released on Wednesday a set of renderings of the redesigned Jiangnan TT (JN Alto), the most affordable car in China, which is scheduled to go on sale next month. Bearing a new nameplate, Zotye Z100, the mini hatchback is re-made to imitate the current Suzuki Alto.

A version of the second-generation Suzuki Alto which was introduced in 1984, the Jiangnan TT has managed to stay in production without a major upgrade since its first launch in the early 1990s. It survived the acquisition of its producer, Jiangnan Auto, by Zotye in 2007. Sitting on a 2175mm wheelbase and powered by a three-cylinder 0.8 liter (JN368QA) that can put out no more than 27.5kW of power, the living relic sells for as little as 17,800 Yuan (US$2865), becoming the cheapest car currently available in China or even the world.

As Jiangnan Alto’s successor and replacement, the exposed Z100 resembles the latest Suzuki Alto, the seventh-gen, in size and styling, sharing its 2360mm wheelbase. It is provided with a 1.0L engine, whose specs have yet to be revealed.

Carrying the Zotye instead of Jiangnan logo, the upcoming Z100 will have raised prices which are likely to start from 23,800 Yuan (US$3,828). It will still be made in Xiangtan, Hunan.

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