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Default Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

It could also be the other way round. Perhaps the LSEV makers are desirous of marketing their NEV-rules compliant vehicles and gaining that all-important NDRC type approval quicker by partnering with a major (read: already licensed) manufacturer. What cars these LSEV makers offer their principals are usually a segment below the NEVs offered by the "major" makers themselves or a product not previously in their lineup (development/R&D costs are saved, in the latter case).

That being said, in the case of Geely and its partners (Kandi, Xindayang), there are actually joint production ventures. For the others, i.e., Xindayang/Zotye, Mengde/Youngman, Guangma/Youngman, Rainchst/JMC, it is more of an expedient marketing arrangement, although I would not rule out some KD assembly, if at all that takes place.

Other marketing-type arrangements include Mengde/Dongfeng and Mengde/Lifan, but those are for LSEVs only.
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