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Default Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

Thanks, Dragin, for that link.

As for NDRC dragging their feet:

With the tightening of NEV criteria year by year ("double 80" rule will become "double 100" in 2016; the road map from there on is already published), it is very much possible that NDRC never develops any policy towards LSEV standardization. What they will perhaps do (my educated opinion) is try to nudge/push the LSEV makers into developing NEVs which they can then properly certify.

The LSEV makers need not even develop brand-new vehicles for this purpose. With necessary investment into R&D, they can re-engineer existing models into NEVs. As only those companies which are higher up on the financial and technological ladder would be more likely to go this route, this could well be a method by which the authorities set the "men" apart from the "boys", thus paving the way for eventual certification and subsidies.

The first baby steps have already been taken. The above-mentioned makers (Mengde, Rainchst, Xindayang, Guangma) have demonstrated that they are capable of adapting their LSEVs to NEV standards (their cars winning NDRC approval, albeit via third party). For the present they have devised a short-term, stopgap solution of partnering with established manufacturers. Long-term, who knows, they might want to market NEVs independently, depending upon how the market for EVs matures.

Sorry if that was long!
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