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Default Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

@Dragin: I agree with your first paragraph.

If I were to pick some hopeful candidates, the most likely manufacturers to transition to the NEV sector over the next few years might be Yogomo, Levdeo, Lichi and Shifeng.

Yogomo does have some type-approved vehicles, mainly cargo versions of their LSEVs, as well as EV and gas versions of their M6320/X6320 (Jieshun) van.

Levdeo of Byvin group is coming up with more powerful, lithium-battery powered versions of their D70 and V60. The V60i is expected to have a decent range. Their designs are good, too. So they are at least heading in the right direction.

Lichi's flagship car, the E9, has a mature design, good enough to be a mainstream car. If any LSEV deserves to become an NEV, in my opinion it is this one. Also remember, Loncin is going to make significant investments into this company and it is their stated goal to make Lichi a major EV player.

Shifeng has shown it is capable of making/acquiring respectable designs - viz. the D101 and D201. Also it is the largest LSEV maker around.

Apart from these, there is of course Kandi (the K10 is a licensed NEV, now upgraded to meet new requirements for 2016). Durabl is another maker which has a car reportedly capable of meeting 2016 standards waiting in the wings.


This discussion is becoming off-topic, deviating from the subject Zhidou E20. I will post further comments/replies in the Mini EV thread under "General Discussion".
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