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Default Mingjun 360EV (VE04)

Mingjun 360EV has gone on sale regionally, and the company reported the first deliveries to customers. There are two variants, H1 and H3. The H1 has a 35 kW motor, 17 kWh battery, 150 km range, 101 km/h top speed and costs 59,900 RMB. H3, the cheaper variant, has a 20 kW motor, 10.4 kWh battery, 80 km range, 80 km/h top speed and costs 39,900 RMB.

Although built under Mingjun Auto's manufacturing license, actual production takes place at a brand new industrial facility set up in Neijiang city, Sichuan, by Sichuan Guoyue New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Hebei Yuedi New Energy Technology Group (Yudea). Sichuan Guoyue Auto was established in 2017, with Hebei Yuedi holding 90% of the shares and the Neijiang city government the rest. The cars will be jointly marketed by Mingjun Group and Sichuan Guoyue Auto Sales Co.

Yuedi Neijiang base:
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