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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
It looks like a lot of factory workers are working with little or no compensation, these days.
Originally Posted by erik (laofan), cmvdc View Post
Always they same story...
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...Zotye had suspended production from January but Hanteng and Dorcen were still active in June. Hanlong's production stats are not available, so I can't say about that company, although a few dozen units of Canticie are being sold regularly every month. However, as part of the same ecosystem, Zotye's woes will begin to affect these legally "at-arm's-length" offshoots eventually, given the mutual technological/financial interdependence (common suppliers, shared components, interlinked cash flows, etc.).
The malaise has begun to spread; those words seem almost prophetic: where else have we heard about suspending workers on the pretext of "heat wave"?

Some excerpts:
Han Teng Motors had arranged a high-temperature holiday between 8.10-9.6. After the holiday, the employees of Hanteng Automobile failed to take up their jobs as scheduled, but continued to receive a notice of vacation.
...there are also many employees who said that it is September and the company has not yet paid the wages for June and July. The wages during the high-temperature holidays are calculated at the minimum wage of 1,430 yuan per month.
However, Han Teng Automobile has recently been involved in disputes with parts suppliers....the court seized, froze, and detained Hanteng Motors' 1.48 million yuan and other properties of equivalent value in accordance with the law.
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