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1) Passenger buses:

-Power Daily

IVECO passenger bus originates from European nobility style. Since it was introduced in 1980s, it defined short-headed light bus in Chinese market. New IVECO “Power Daily” bus launch in 2004 rewrote the history of high-grade light bus. The “Power Daily” range designed by 3 top Italian automobile design companies has been the pilot in domestic light bus market.

IVECO passenger buses can be divided into two series: Power Daily and Turbo Daily. The passenger number ranges from 6 to 24. The wheelbases include 2800mm, 3310mm, 3950mm and 4180mm.

-Turbo Daily

IVECO Turbo Daily passenger bus originates from Italian nobility with European style. Since launched in 1980s in China, it defined semi-forward light bus standard in China.
  Turbo Daily passenger bus is equipped with powerful, fuel-saving, environment-friendly (first to meet EURO III standard in China) engine and big-torque, high-reliability IVECO gearbox; front independent suspension; tube-inserting rear axle; 4 disc brakes etc. ensure its leading position in light bus market.
  Passenger number of Turbo Daily passenger buses ranges from 6 to 24; wheelbase covers 2800, 3310, 3950 and 4180 four series; GVW range from 3.5 tons to 5 tons.
2) Commercial vehicles

-Euro Truck

EURO TRUCKS series follow the designing theory of “inheriting and creation” and the European principle “People-oriented”. Based on the most advanced automobile technology from IVECO, EURO TRUCKS put into the market with the global synchronization, completely surpassed the Japanese-styled trucks, to be the leader of the top domestic logistic trucks

EURO TRUCKS series fully make fully application of digital development technology, with graceful shape designed by the famous master, unique and warm interior decoration, excellence of economic and environmental performance, double-safe and multi-protected structure, showing the character of technology, environmental-safety and security. By the leading common rail electronical engine, the exhaust achieves the EURO III standard. It’s the perfect integration of moduled parts and characteristic body. The rated payload is from 0.99 to 2.49 tons, 19 basic models and 20 models of optional equipment.

Unique "5A" safety design
Semi-forward style
Safety semi-forward style ensuring bushion crash energy absorbing part. Once crash face to face, it can prevent people in driver cab from hurt magnificently.

Wide body
Adopting the body design of Golden Ratio width, the track is 300mm over the other similar vehicles. It not only increases the volume for goods but also ensures the whole vehicle more stable and safe at turning.

Independent suspension
By introducing passenger-car-styled front axle with independent axle, improve the driving comfortability and stability of the vehicle.

4-disc brakes
Enhance active safety and optimize adaptability to complex road conditions.

Safety driver cab
Double reinforcement design is structured on the roof of driver cab. It ensures that the driver cab will not distort even when crash happens to it and prevent people in driver cab from hurt.
-Commercial Vehicle

Turbo Daily Commercial Vehicles introduced complete Italian IVECO S.P.A. complete range technology and produced in NAVECO. Since 1992 the range has been launched into the market, nearly 180,000 units have been produced. The product was named the first prize in national light vehicle quality examination in 1997.

Turbo Daily commercial vehicles range includes single cab trucks, crew cab trucks and vans, altogether 5 wheelbases (2800mm 、 3310mm 、 3600mm 、 3950mm 、 4180 mm) with the payload ranges from 0.86T to 3.275T etc. almost 30 models.

Turbo Daily commercial vehicles series demonstrate the international advanced technology in 1990s with robot technology and digital design technology application. The vehicles with European styled short head are of excellent economy, reliability and durability.

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