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Default Re: Great Wall Hover

This is welcome news, and an indication of some small steps toward maturity of the Chinese auto industry. But the words,
"Great Wall Motor.....has decided to recall...."
tell us that the customers themselves had no input to GAQSIQ about this steering safety problem. If they did, then it would have been GAQSIQ itself that initiated the recall. In other words the customer is still at the mercy of a system which is still primarily sales oriented.

".....customers can also call the hotline of the quality watchdog GAQSIQ or visit its website for more information on the Hover CUV recall."
Yes, the customers can call GAQSIQ at 010-59799616、65537365. But there doesn't appear to be any information on the Great Wall website that would help the customer get this recall repair. In fact a category of the website devoted especially to the "owner", wasn't seen.

The Great Wall Hover CUV is sold in several countries.
How will these folks be notified?

There's no doubt about it, after sales follow up is an awesome responsibility for a global manufacturer, but it's all part of the game.

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