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I could not find a direct link between YTO and Kawei but if you look at the specs of these three vehicles (examples only):

KWZ5030XGCE211 (Kawei brand) (Mfr: Jiangsu Kawei Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co)
JNQ5030XYZXK41 (Kawei) (Mfr: Jiangsu Kawei Automobile Industry Group Co)
LT1030MCC0 (Fude brand officially) (Mfr: China First Tractor Group Co.),

all list LT1030MCC0 as the common chassis. So is it possible that YTO is providing the chassis and Kawei the body, and both are producing the same vehicle at their respective plants? But then why does this YTO-built truck (LT1030MCQ1) display the Kawei logo and K.A.W.E.I.A.U.T.O moniker on its face in pictures? Was it a matter of getting the earliest production approval from the authorities, meaning that all the plants apply, then whoever gets the first nod can start up production, while the partner awaits its turn? I am speculating here, though.

Also there is this interesting fact to consider:
On this page, Kawei subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongxin Transportation Equipment Co. claims that it has been the body supplier to Huanghai, Brilliance, GAC GONOW, Tianma, Dongfeng, so that likely explains the commonality of the "Kia Sorento" type body of their respective vehicles i.e. Landscape/Qisheng F1, Jinbei S50, Saboo/Aoosed G3, Tianma Hero, Tuyi V20, as well as their own JNQ6460E2.
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