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Originally Posted by erik (laofan), cmvdc
Paul Stowe at

So why I am so angry you may ask? Well having spent the whole day answering questions by the British media, it became very apparent from the first discussion with journalists at 6.20am that the tone would be negative. I conducted over 25 interviews, and almost everyone followed the same script: Why weren’t we employing 1000’s of ex-mg-rover employee’s? Why aren’t we releasing new vehicle platforms? Why haven’t we already enlisted dozens of dealers? And why do we believe we can make a success of MG, when BMW, and P4 failed miserably?
Posted by Paul Stowe
But NAC called a press conference on that day - for what exactly? Not a lot it would seem, except to show off three MG TFs in new colours - and, ,er, that's it.

There is no denying that NAC have done well in building their MG plant in China, in such a short time, but their proposed UK operation looks less convincing.
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