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Default Chinese help for Metrocab facility

Red Sun Group Co, a large Nanjing-based agrochemical company, is interested in backing LEVC's cross-town rival to bring the new Metrocab into production.

The zero-emission, new Ecotive Metrocab has been designed by Kamkorp/Frazer Nash who have been trying to bring the product to market for several years, but have been beset with legal difficulties of all manner till now. Initially, Multimatic, Inc. -- the Canadian engineering company that currently builds the Ford GT -- was roped in as manufacturing partner. Later, Kamkorp/Frazer Nash selected Coventry-based CAD CAM Automotive to help build the vehicle. (Of note, Kamkorp/Frazer Nash themselves are an advanced research & technology organization of considerable repute, and they also own Bristol Cars)

Now, CAD CAM Automotive is a supplier of lightweight aluminum body shells for OEMs (like JLR) as well as prototyping specialists. It does not have requisite facilities for large-scale auto production, but Red Sun has been investing in this company for quite some time and is reportedly a significant shareholder. Recently, Red Sun agreed to further increase investment in order to help CAD CAM Automotive set up a factory to manufacture the Metrocab and other energy-efficient vehicles derived from this platform. Apart from vehicles, Red Sun has committed to invest in installing charging infrastructure and in developing new battery technologies.

CAD CAM Automotive:
Red Sun Co.:

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