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Initially, for a while, the astronomical part of my mind had wondered whether 'big dog' could be a reference to Canis Major, however the modern Chinese translation of the latter is da quan (大犬) or da quan zuo (大犬座), quan being another word for 'dog'. In ancient Chinese astronomy, there was no constellation of Canis Major as such, and this region of the sky was distributed among several asterisms. Notably Sirius, our 'dog star', is tianlang (天狼) or 'celestial (also heavenly, sky) wolf'.

Nonetheless, 'dog' has great significance in Chinese astrology/horology, being the 11th animal of the duodecennial zodiacal cycle, and indeed, for this purpose, dog is represented by gou (狗). Recall that 2018 coincided with the Year of the Dog in recent times. Generally, positive attributes are assigned to 狗 under this system.

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