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I realize that "Wojie" could approximate a regional pronunciation of Weichai (there are different Chinese languages, after all), but it's a sad day when a company does not have enough conviction in a brand that it has very recently promoted and invested in, i.e., VGV. VGV, via its sole product U70, has been doing reasonably well even in these trying times, and has moved over 10,300 vehicles in the period it has been in the market (Nov-May). If data is extrapolated, trend-wise the U70 singlehandedly appears to be doing slightly better than all the previous models put together (G3+727/737/G5) that were being offered under the Enranger/Yingzhi brand up to the COVID-induced shutdown. So I think it is a bit premature to abandon the VGV brand at this stage where it has not yet gotten a decent chance to prove/consolidate its mettle/position among the bigger boys in the marketplace (this is of course assuming the VGV brand is abandoned, and Weichai doesn't run with two brands simultaneously).

Sometimes I wonder why these indigenous Chinese brands waste valuable time and resources in tirelessly playing around with brand names and nameplates, instead of standing solidly behind, promoting, and sticking with a particular brand name or product identity, once it has been introduced.
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