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DMitra, some folks might wonder why you are posting this info, about the former Dongfeng-Renault joint venture company, in a "Thread" that is dedicated to this new brand of Dongfeng's called "Voyah".
My understanding of your thinking on that subject, is that the new Voyah project is to be located, and its product produced, in Wuhan, under the same roof of the recently terminated joint venture mentioned.

Furthermore, thanks to your latest post you have corrected my mis-understanding of the new Voyah as just another "sub-brand" like Venucia, in the DFMC division. And so now I see that it is rather a dedicated brand under the newly formed, "Dongfeng Motor (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. [东风汽车(武汉)有限公司].",in the DFMG division.

One more thing that I am curious about is the fate of the other Dongfeng-Renault joint venture established in 2017 under the name,"eGT New Energy Automotive Co." which included Nissan participation, of 25%. Will that still survive and go forward? If the answer is yes, then please let us know which division (of those mentioned above) it will fall under.
Thank you.

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