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one more time I advice to you that you read all of older post

first of all you must know that in china is a law about "fuel consumption", that the reason why this engine with 2.2 ccm have only 78 kw, also great wall deliver this engines to many other companies in china, over 20 other companies used this engine or many other derivates of this engine

the same situation is with mitusubishi 4g64 engine and now newer version 4g69 engine, simply because of that law chinese must offer engine with less power, as you know some 4g64 engines have 125 kw, and this from hover have between 90 and 100 kw

for sailor in china you can buy 2.5 and 2.8 diesel engines, it's old based isuzu 4JB1 engines with common rail sistem 2.0, one more time they don't have so much power, between 70 and 85 kw

also you must know that sailor is an older pick up which is for very long time in production and it's simply alternative to new wingle pick up, sailor is made in old factory on old production line, wingle is made in new factory, new production line with much better quality, this is the main reason why sailor have more chaeper price then wingle, you also know that sailor don't have more safety equipment which wingle have, like abs+ebd or dual airbag sistem

all of those older models like sailor, deer, safe and so on will go out of production very soon, or prodution like will be transfered to some other markets like in some other African countries and so on

here is some of my expiriances with those engines:
2.2 engine, I have it in couple of deers and safe model, usually in normal driving he use between 10 liters but in city driving he use between 12 or 15 liters, usually I install LPG sistem on them, also they are very easy for service and maintance, cost of service is very low, also because of "not so modern techink" in them they are much more reliable, we have couple of vehicles which have over 100.000 km without problem, top speed is between 150 and 170 km/h

2.4 mitusubishi engine, I have it in my hover which is sold, and we have over 20 vehicles which driving that engine in hover, all is the same like on 2.2 engine, but it's isn't so noisy like 2.2 engine, also the lowest consumption on 2.4 engine to me was 8,5 liters, personaly i like this engine more then 2.2 engine, very easily you can drive it also on big RPM, between 6500 is block, also i drive off road races very miuch time with it and he never stop, i can say that this engine is reliable, even more then 2.2, top speed is between 170 and 190 km/h

2.8 diesel engine, i had couple of old deer pick up model and new wingle, old diesel engines are very slow, have only 57 kw, low fuel consumption and it's very noisy,'s reliable and easy for maintance, new 2.8 engine is much better, have turbo it it, more power, 70 kw, and lower fuel consuption, also goes better and isn't so noisy, however price of maintance is little bit higher than gasoline engines but still isn't so high like for toyota or some other famous brand, we have couple of cars with old engine which have between 80000 km and more, the TC engine in my pick up have 60000 km, of course without problem, top speed is between 160 km/h
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