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Originally Posted by erik (laofan), cmvdc View Post
Knowing now that NRDC has used the designation FJ6410 for the New Longma minis will be a first step into recognition. Otherwise it is -theoretically- possible that Dongfeng can take over the factory. In fact the New Longma is not far away from the Junfeng!
I am entering the realm of speculation here - I believe DFM or any other hypothetical acquirer would still require an approval for this particular company to produce vehicles - approvals are given on an enterprise-basis. I find that the FJ6410 was notified in Notice #245 in February.

[Speaking of the Fujian group, even King Long has been similarly sitting on (or has scrapped) a proposed MPV project, "Jinrui" (XMQ6511GEG4C) for a couple of years, a vehicle almost identical to the old FAW Free Wind/Baolong MPVs. Of note, this was preceded by the defunct, identical Ruixi XML6510E by Golden Dragon/Jinlu in 2007.]


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