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Founded in October 2006, Hangzhou Xingdi Group Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Hangzhou Hanggua Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. The predecessor of Hangzhou Hanggua Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. was Hangzhou Trailer General Factory established in 1958. Through several generations of development and innovation, the company has shifted from producing single semi-trailers and farm vehicles to a company with three feature plates businesses: farm vehicles, motor industry with DV motor and stepping motor as the main products, and specialized vehicles and special vehicles. The leading products of Xingdi Group are "Baoshi" brand low-speed vehicles and light-duty trucks.

The Group Company now has several wholly-owned and holding companies, such as the Business Department of Hangzhou Hanggua Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd., China National Commercial Automobile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhongda Electric Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hengli Motor Manufactory Company, and Hangzhou High-Reach Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd.


轻卡 (Light Truck) Series
Light Series of Baoshi company is represented by 4 models with cabin-copy of Isuzu trucks. The lightest model BS2310 has a load capacity of 750 kg and the total mass of 2230 kg. QC480Q engine has an output of 29 hp. Maximum speed is 68 km/h. The next is the BS2810 model with a payload of 990 kg and the total mass of 2770 kg. It is equipped with N485QA engine with an output of 35 hp, which accelerates the vehicle up to 69 km/h. The next model is BS4010. It differs from BS2810 by the increased wheelbase (3300 mm versus 2600 mm) and a more powerful 490B engine (45 hp). Load capacity is 990 kg, max speed is 61 km/h. The heaviest model is BS5815 with a payload of 1490 kg and the total mass of 3775 kg. It is equipped with DongFeng CY4100Q engine which develops 63 hp. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 65 km/h. All 4 models are available with an extended cab (models BS2310P, BS2810P, BS4010P and BS5815P). There are P1 versions also, featured by a wide range of different engines.

金 (Gold)
The most modern series, which is produced under the Baoshi brand, is the series 金 (Gold). The trucks are equipped with modern cabins MH1041 and have the "BSC" logo instead of "Baoshi". The series includes three medium-duty dumpers models:
- 富兴 (Fu-Xing) model BFX286P-J. The dump truck with flatbed body is equipped with Xichai CA4102Q, CA4102ZQ or YC4108Q engine and available with three different wheelbases (3900, 4000 and 4200 mm).
- 富兴 (Fu-Xing) model BFX386P-J. It is a dump truck with Xichai CA4102Q, CA4102ZQ, CA4102ZLQ or YC4108Q engine and a wheelbase of 3400-3750 mm.
- 富强 (Fu-Qiang) model BFQ386P-J. It is a dump truck with YC4108ZQ engine and a wheelbase of 3500, 3650 or 3750 mm.

富兴经济型 (Fu-Xing Economy)
The 富兴经济型 (Fu-Xing Economy) range is a precursor of a series 富兴 (Fu-Xing). Both series have the same cabin, but with a different design of the front. Initially, the range consisted of trucks with GVW of 3100 - 8000 kg with engine output from 25 hp. The trucks of this family have the letters PD after the digital index - for example BS2510PD. Since the beginning of producing of the new series 富兴 (Fu-Xing), only lightweight models BFX373 were saved in this range. The BFX373 range consited of the next modifications: - BFX373PB1A - engine "490" with an output of 63 hp, dimensions of the cargo body - 3100x1500 mm.
- BFX373PD1A - engine "4100", dimensions of the cargo body - 3500x1900 mm.
- BFX373PE1A - engine "4102", dimensions of the cargo body - 3700x2000 mm.

富兴 (Fu-Xing)
The 富兴 (Fu-Xing) range is very similar to the 金 (Gold) range. The cab is the same. Visually 2 ranges could be distinguished by the shape of door windows and grille. Probably the 富兴 (Fu-Xing) range is a simplified "golden" trucks range. The lightest model in this family, the "96", is available in the next versions:
- 96PA - wheelbase is 3400 mm, standard cab.
- 96PA1 - wheelbase is 3400 mm, extended cab.
- 96PA2 - wheelbase is 3800 mm, standard cab.
- 96PA3 - wheelbase is 3800 mm, extended cab.
- 96PB - wheelbase is 3800 mm, standard cab, and reinforced frame.
- 96PB1 - wheelbase is 3800 mm, extended cab, and reinforced frame. The trucks of 96 model are equipped with 90 hp engines.
The average model in the 富兴 (Fu-Xing) range is 4102/4105. This model is available in three versions:
- FY286PB1 - with 4105 or 4108 engines with an output of 100 hp.
- FY286PB2 - has increased by half a meter wheelbase.
- FY286PA - with 4102 engine.
The heaviest trucks in the 富兴 (Fu-Xing) range are presented by the next models:
- FX186PC1 - 4105 engine, wheelbase is 4400 mm.
- FX173P / FX186P / FX120P / FX122P - 490, 4100, 4102, 4105 and 4108 engines. Wheelbase is 3400-4900 mm.

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