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I Spent about $3000 or so Canadian dollars a few weeks ago and bought into the get rich scheme of Geely investors. Originally I saw a documentary on Canadian television about Geely sometime last year, and I thought how interesting that a company with such potential is a penny stock. At the time it was listed as a 0.04 stock, and I asked my parents if I could buy it (had to ask since I'm a university student living at home bleh :P), but they didn't want me wasting money on something I hadn't researched enough. So I continued to learn about the company over the last half year or so, and I ended up buying 19100 or so shares while the price rose to 0.13. This is all very exciting, I hope this company grows to be a $50.00 stock. Fingers crossed, good luck to all you other investors, I'm thinking of buying more shares as well. Also, I noticed a post on this board, whereby one individual was worried that Geely may shift from pinksheets to the NYSE and hence his purchased shares would be lost. This is untrue as far as I know, because I asked my brokerage and they said we would continue to own the shares we purchased as investors, and it would transfer over to the NYSE if thats where geely gets listed. This is to the best of my knowledge. Thanks, and this being my first post here and all, but yea this looks like a great forum.
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