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Hi DMitra and Eric.
What a pity that Chang'an has let Hafei go to the dogs. I always thought that Hafei showed a lot of promise, and it seems Miles Automotive agreed with me, since they chose the Saibao model as the basis for the Coda EV project in California, which recently, and sadly, joined the list of many failed EV start-ups. Although the Saibao-based Coda model was a bit outdated, some foreign reviewers praised it for its sound quality. I saw the original Saibao III back in 2006, and was impressed with its quality compared to other Chinese domestic makes, like BYD.

I always perceived the folks up in cold country of Harbin and Changchun, as quite skilled and hard working, and in hindsight, I thought that Hafei would have made a much better first partner for Subaru, than the now defunct Avic operation in Guizhou. Even JD Power recognized Hafei with some decent ratings in the past.

Anyway, as a state-owned enterprise I don't think Chang'an had the imagination, or the creativity, to manage the assimilation of Hafei or Chang'he.
Here's what gasgoo recently had to say about Hafei's fate:

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