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Originally Posted by dmitra View Post
Thanks for the info!
The Mianyang Huarui plant (at #3 above) is the same one at No. 17 Chaoyang E. Road. "Gaoxin qu" translated as "High-Tech Zone" in Google, whereas you wrote it as High & New Technology Zone. No Shineray products are currently made there.
Sorry for my error in the reading of the website info, which appeared as follows:
In 2005, Brilliance Auto Group & Shineray Group invested RMB 2 billion to establish Chongqing Shineray Automobile Co., Ltd. Shineray Auto has two plants (Brilliance Auto southern base) respectively located in Chongqing and Mianyang, China, with annual production capacity of 310,000 units.

Thanks to you, I see they meant to say that (Brilliance Auto southern ) has two plants.

On the lighter side, elsewhere on the website I read as follows:
“If the above positions are unsuitable for your speciality or you are born with enthusiasm and insistence like paranoia in automotive field, please send your CV to us.Welcome to Shineray.”

I was unable to find either of these entries at the current website.
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