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SAIC plans to introduce 30 new cars in next five years!

December 18th, 2007 - the Chinese motoring press are reporting that SAIC plans to push out 30 cars over the next five years, that includes five new platforms.

Roewe has been selling well so far this year, with SAIC selling 18,000 Roewe 750ís between March and November of 2007, and on average sells around 2000 vehicles per month in 2007.

China Car Times knows of the Roewe 750 (W161 platform) and the Roewe 550 (W261 platform) we are now hearing rumors of an S161 platform which will form the basis of a small car, the Roewe SUV is based off the S100 platform.

Surely our more astute readers will realize that SAIC are actually claiming that they can bring out a new car every two months over the next 60 months/five years.
source: China Car Times
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