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I am still uncertain about the name of the car and will remain so till it is launched. I stated that example of the GT01, not because I took your statement about Tycho as an implied affront but to demonstrate that even seasoned experts (such as Tycho) will come to erroneous conclusions based on unclear or pixellated text from images. I myself have made this kind of error a number of times (confusion between Ora iQ5 or iQ6, Baojun RC-5 or RC-6 when the RC-6 was initially revealed, etc.). Erik (having 50+ years of experience with Chinese cars) once wrote to me about a "Haima L5" minivan which turned out to be the V70 with "1.5" written in a particular style; he also read "风行T1" as "M13T" while compiling one of his catalogs. When the Foton Sauvana was launched, there were a number of English articles, including one by Tycho, which reported the name as Salivana (which I had asked him to correct afterwards). In this case, the source images were clicked at an exposition, and not some blurry ones published by MIIT or hazy spy shots from the web.

What I am certain about is that the name isn't "Geek Fengyun". If similar vehicles from the same company are badged as E100, E200, E300 (granted those are Baojuns and not Wulings, which this is), it is natural to wonder whether the current vehicle in question, which uses a slightly smaller motor (20 kW) than the others, will continue the same tradition name-wise in being called E[<100], likely ending in 0, especially when the "E" part is more or less evident.
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