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The poor treatment that the 4S dealers give foriegners should give Roewe poor sales forever.
My 7 years in Shanghai, I had never been treated so poorly as I was from Roewe. I had thought that Roewe was a good automobile until 2 weeks ago at the SIAC dealership where I was not permitted to even look inside or touch the cars.
I felt poorly and left but returned 2 hours later to request a test drive. At that time when I walked in and seen Chinese children jumping in the back seats, people looking and touching every part of the cars yet the same SIAC representative that requested me not to inspect the cars (with a test car parked in front) told me the cars had no batteries even after looking under the hood and I pointed to the battery, she turned and as she walked away told me I could not drive or even sit in the car.
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