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I am sorry Chinoy I dont have such data , but whatever the figures are , they won't be much of a saying since the Car Market here is like 0.000000001% of what it is back at China .

For laughters , let me tell you that Audi EGYPT made a Party last week , to celebrate .... ONE HUNDRED AUDI A4 sold , ( yes that's 100 ) in one year .

Total car sales in Egypt for the first half of 2006 was something like 200,000 Car or so that includes all the brands available here japanese , american , european , chinese and even martains :P ..

So even if the chinese are making Serious attempts here ,its still a very very small market .. so the chances are thier ATTENTION to Egypt might not be in the terms of sale , but it will be in terms of CKD projects , Chery & Brilliance both has assembly lines here , the Chery branded as Speranza , selling the A5 and the A6 ( Eastar ) and soon the Tiggo and V5 to follow the lines .

Brilliance assembling the Granduer and following the SPlendor
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