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sorry japan , ur wrong again

Saudi Arabia is an AMERICAN CLONE market , they hate small cars , they only drive SUVS and 4x4 and sports cars but for diffrent reasons .

they marry alot of women and each family might be consisting of more than 7 members ( national traditions and stuff )

So small cars are totally OUT OF THE WORLD there ... then there's also OIL .. so young kids prefer sports car over hatchbacks and so

I never ever saw a HATCHBAK in Saudi arabia .. for the 12 years I lived there !

Egypt is the biggest in SIZE yes , but not the biggest in car market .
I think they should focus on Egypt again like i said for ASSEMBLY , since labor wages here are almost as low as china , and the gouverment is encouraging foriegn investments in Egypt

In terms of sales , I think they should focus on U.A.E and such rich countries but the problem there is also that its a semi-American car market .. where BRANDS play the best part ... ppl just BRAG with brand names ( I own a Cadilac , I own a lexus . ) so its still a tough job to do

we'll see how things go

I think we are going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the sujbect here for many pages ....
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