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Originally Posted by cryptonx
sorry japan , ur wrong again

Saudi Arabia is an AMERICAN CLONE market , they hate small cars , they only drive SUVS and 4x4 and sports cars but for diffrent reasons .

they marry alot of women and each family might be consisting of more than 7 members ( national traditions and stuff )

So small cars are totally OUT OF THE WORLD there ... then there's also OIL .. so young kids prefer sports car over hatchbacks and so

when Lexus ls400 V8 1st came to the market in 1988/89, they were big hit in Saudi Arabia and were good sellers. Not all cars in Saudi are American, although they do sell a lot of their big ones, like the chevy Caprice, Buick roadmaster. Toyota Cressida and Crown Nissan Cedric and maxima V6 are also big sellers in the kingdom. The thing i am saying is that if the Car is good then the Saudi's will buy it. To make excuses that saudis only buy certain cars because of oil and 'national tradion' is pure lame excuses. The reason Chinese dont sell cars in the Kingdom not because of size but because the cars are not high quality enough atm, how ever this will change in the near furure when chinese cars will be seen in saudi roads
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