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Originally Posted by god_bless_japan
i dont believe that statistics, i know rovers to be terrible in relibility. also the are copies of old honda, so dont know why british people buy the old crap instead of the originial and better honda
The people supplying the figures say they are from actual claims and they have no reason to give incorrect figures. If you ask the price of a warantee from these people for a BMW and equivalent Rover then I am sure you will find the Rover cheeper.

There are no Rovers which are copies of old Hondas. In all the models where there is a similarity it is because they where jointly developed and the two versions put on sale at the same time. In fact for a while the Honda Concerto was built in the Rover factory at Longbridge England so there is no way the Hondas where better since they came off the same production line. (Unless of course the Honda badge was better quality!)

"The Honda Concerto was built alongside the Rover R8 at Longbridge ... And the quickest way of getting this model onto the market, was simply rebadging the Rover 218 as a Honda Concerto... Which is exactly what happened. ... The next European Honda/Rover diesel to appear was the Accord TD, which appeared during the mid-Nineties. Nestling under the bonnet, you'll find the ubiquitous Rover L-Series engine..."
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