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Hi Lee,

I think Lawrence misunderstood your question.

Lee was perhaps asking what specific changes to the forum appearance/organization can be made from their end to bring about some of the changes demanded by Lawrence.

Till some years ago, our forum moderator "CCF mod" (a.k.a. martin_krpan) had some privileges on the forum that enabled him to make changes to the appearance/organization of the site, like adding subforums, arranging child forums alphabetically, etc. But lately he told us that those privileges were abruptly withdrawn, and he longer is able to make new subforums. Probably only an administrator of the site has such rights now.

What Lawrence likely wants is a new main section on the forum landing page for startup manufacturers of NEVs, Intelligent connected vehicles, etc. (equal in rank to the "Chinese Car Manufacturers", "Foreign/Chinese Joint Venture Car Manufacturers", "Other China Motor Vehicles" sections) under which these new-age manufacturers will be nested.

At present, moderators of this forum cannot make these changes; they can only create new threads or move, copy, delete, or rename threads. So, what specifically the administrator(s) can do is restore these privileges (to create new sections/subsections) to one or both of the current moderators (CCF mod and/or dmitra). The moderator can then evaluate a member's demand for a new section/subsection and act accordingly (acquiesce or reject).

Of course, there is a risk if somehow spammers get hold of these privileges and mess up the forum. That admins will have to take a call on that.
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