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Translated article with Google Translate:
Changfeng Automobile will be held April 20 the Shanghai auto show on the release of three cars, three models of the internal code-named CP21, CP22, CP23, respectively, for the three-box sedan, hatchback sedan, coupe sports car. Changfeng Chen, general manager of the early automobile in an interview with the media, said: sedan cars this year, CP21 will be officially listed on December sales, CP22 hatchback coupe CP23 cars and sports cars will also be listed next year, 10 months ago. Before the official release, we get the three new cars according to the spy.

According to from the spy, this three models are the atmosphere, with the Changfeng Qi Ling clear line of cars started the level. CP21 which for a three-box B-class car, shape similar to the Volvo S40, CP21 and CP22 for the hatchback version of model, and the CP23 is a coupe sports car. The first market will be CP2 1 Series models, it is the first completely independent intellectual property rights of the car project, has started two and a half years, interior design and shape is also more than a year, is located in Changfeng assembly shop based in Changsha CP2 packaging line is being installed in debugging.

Although very parcel CP21, but according to already spy-related exposure test, and like the Volvo S40 is to enhance the appearance of more of its attention. Although the engine cover, air intake grille, headlamps, bumpers and the overall shape of the layout is very similar, but the Volvo S40 all show a slightly delicate introverted, while Changfeng's broad-brush CP21 a rigid distributed.

CP21 tail may have a familiar feel, much like the upcoming Besturn B50. Comparison of the overall shape of the side, and four-probe reversing radar can see its configuration will not be too low, LED taillights also the shape.

CP21 and the hatchback version of picture-CP22 from the point of view, significantly higher body, there are a small SUV feeling, and it will have to wait for the market for some time, Changfeng car hit the first of its sedan version, after all, HS cars less heat or some car project for Changfeng is a very important transition.

Although the car did not see CP23 sports car as a whole "face", but from the air intake under the grille, it should be designed before the face is very full, mellow, not the kind of exaggeration of the angular shape, with the Audi A6's design feeling, but the final official results still have to wait until the release of the picture.

CP23 of the car from car rear view, much like the feeling of this new Nissan Teana, and the two-tail exhaust pipe emission may be inferred that it will not be too low, and engine-related items still appears to Changfeng Automobile advance research and development. Of course, such a picture alone can not be too many things that I believe will soon have more information.

It should be noted that the exposure of three new cars, we can see Changfeng for cars also prepared. Although Qi Ling poor performance series models, but this does not affect changfeng car plan, the future of Changfeng road car can go smoothly, let us wait and see.

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