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Default Changfeng Exhibition is Second Chinese Client for Exhibit Works at NAIAS

DETROIT, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- China's Changfeng Motors makes its North American debut this month, with the support of Michigan-based marketing company Exhibit Works. Exhibit Works is working with Changfeng to design and implement its complete auto show program, only the second time a Chinese automaker has displayed in the United States.

Exhibit Works is no stranger to conducting business with Chinese auto companies. Last year, it supported Geely for its auto show program debut at NAIAS. And just recently, Exhibit Works opened its Shanghai office, primarily designed to support both U.S. companies in need of a branding and event marketing partner throughout Asia, and Chinese companies entering the Western market.

"We're very excited to support Changfeng with its North American debut," said Jerry Kern, vice president, global sales, Exhibit Works. "Our company has built a strong foundation of working in Asia with both U.S. and Chinese companies. We understand the culture and way of doing business, and this, combined with our deep automotive experience, is a strong asset for Chinese manufacturers like Changfeng."

The 80' by 60' exhibit, located in Michigan Hall, isn't as much about the five vehicles that will be on display, as it is about introducing Chengfeng to the West and the world automotive media. The exhibit design features are unique in their simplicity-a strategic effort to create a spacious and welcoming environment for all visitors, media and consumers alike. Chengfeng's in-booth press program is scheduled for 3:30pm on Monday, January 8, 2007, day two of the show's highly anticipated media days.

Besides Changfeng, Exhibit Works is providing show support for ten auto manufacturers, listed below. Exhibit Works has partnered with each organization to create stunning graphics, displays and in some cases, press reveals, to support these global brands.

- Bentley
- Ford
- Hyundai
- Kia
- Mazda
- Mitsubishi
- Porsche
- Subaru
- Suzuki
- Volkswagen
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