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Originally Posted by E46DinanM3
Read this- it focuses more on Rover then on MG, but many of the same ideas apply. Its written Jeremy Clarkson and he is pretty accurate on this one.
I don't think you understand Clarksons comment's about Rover! Obviously "There's one Rover that has been stationary at the double mini-roundabout in Chipping Norton for 15 years, its driver paralysed with fear" is not a statement of fact so why quote it But then you have probably never driven round a roundabout let alone a double mini one?

When it comes to the MG version of the Rover 45 mentioned in your quote, Clarksons comments are rather more straight forward - after a weekend family holiday testing one for a Sunday Times review, he summed up with the words: "You should try one. It's bloody good".

The more common quote for the MG ZS comes from Tiff Needell (racing driver); summing up the Top Gear review he said "The best handling front wheel drive car I've ever driven"

Originally Posted by E46DinanM3
I really think that most American consumers are smart enough to look behind a British badge to see what really goes into the car.
I agree. The most important thing is the design; with a good design both the UK built and Chinese built cars will be good cars and if your looking for a well designed sporty sedan then there is nothing wrong with an MG - after all the MG ZS took 3 podium finishes at the first round of the British Touring Car Championships at the weekend which given that they have no manufacturer support this year is impressive!

"The podium turned a distinct shade of orange as Rob Collard and Colin Turkington took second and third place respectively in the final BTCC race of the day."

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