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Default Hubei Daye Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd.

Hubei Daye Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2016 in Daye City, Hubei Province. It was established with the aim of producing new energy vehicle parts, components, engine, transmission, security and electrical systems to meet the demands of the growing industry. The second phase of the project involves setting up stamping, welding, painting and assembly facilities as well as the manufacture of seats and batteries to bring about vertical integration of the automobile production chain. Work on the Hubei Daye Hanlong industrial park began in March of 2016. Many of the workshops have been completed and the entire project is expected to be ready in 2018. Reporters visiting the Daye site witnessed assembled stocks of of Zotye T800 (T700L) at one of the workshops, likely made during trial production.

Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. should not be confused with Hanlong buses from Shaanxi (now a brand belonging to the Guojin group) or the mining and energy conglomerate based in Sichuan.

Like Hanteng, the connection between the Tieniu group and Daye Hanlong has not been made public. Intrigued by the large amount of investment (in capital and future expansion) and the above-mentioned stock of cars, the media investigated into this company's origins, revealing an intricate web of investment companies and front men (again, just like Hanteng) used to obfuscate the link between Daye Hanlong and its ultimate parent.

Daye Hanlong is 96% owned by one Tian Dajun, who operates a company called Shenyang International Textile and Garment City Development Co., Ltd. The largest shareholder of SITGCDC is Hangzhou Kang Chen Investment Management Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Kang Chen's largest shareholder is Zhejiang Fuling Auto Mold Body Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Fuling Auto Mold's largest shareholder is Longda Investment Co., Ltd. The "legal person" in charge of Hangzhou Kang Chen, Zhejiang Fuling Auto Mold, and Longda Investment is one Ying Guangfa. Ying Guangfa also happens to be sole shareholder of and "legal person" in charge of Yongkang Zotye Automobile Service Co., Ltd. and is believed to a member of Tieniu boss Ying Jianren's family.

While we do not know if Tieniu intends to use Daye Hanlong as just another factory for Zotye cars or for launching yet another brand, the fact that Zotye/Tieniu does not publicly associate itself with Daye Hanlong suggests that a new brand will be announced.

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