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Few up-dates:

Automotive News Europe

"DR Motor is considering hiring Bertone to build two SUVs and a pickup from complete knockdown kits. DR Motor initially planned to hire Bertone to assemble 7,000 units a year of the Katay Victory medium SUV and a double-cab pickup variant of the Victory called the Troy. DR Motor says it is considering adding the UFO, a medium SUV made by Jonway, to the proposed manufacturing deal. DR Motor plans to make a number of technical modifications to the UFO and market it with a name DR3. "We are considering making 12,000 combined units of three vehicles at Bertone", DR Motor CEO Luca Falasca told.

The DR Motor package still might not be enough to save Bertone. Bertone has a capacity for 70,000 units a year, but it needs to build 30,000 units to break even."
"It took Japan 40 years to become a great automotive nation. It took South Korea 20 years. I think it will take China as little as 10 to 15 years."

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