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Originally Posted by mikoyan
If an engine is DESIGNED to output power @ HIGH rpm, and it does, then what is the problem? I can only say that the engine can operate per or in accordance with its design specs.
There is no problem, but you started off by saying it was a "superior Toyota engine" which is somewhat questionable. You shouldn't judge an engine purely by its peak power output, especially when it has a very narrow torque band (thus needing the 6 gears).

As for your decription "outdated Rover K-series piece-of-crap. ", the current version called the MG N-Series engine, and it's currently getting some good reviews.

Originally Posted by mikoyan
FYI: you video link does not work for me, please verify subject link.

Not sure why the video would not work, it appears fine here.

Yes, obviously the Porche is the faster car, but on a typical British racetrack with typical British weather, for some reason two MGs costing around 16,000 new are lapping faster. I think he is trying, the back end is looking a little twitchy at times. The Ferrari obviously isn't trying, a little damp and it's too risky to drive a car like that quickly. The Lotuses etc, well judge for yourself and once you have seen the video, which is the most enjoyable car to drive?
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