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Default Re: Nanjing/MG Coming to the USA?

Nanjing cancels plans to bring MG Stateside

August 26, 2008 - Although MG’s current owners – China’s Nanjing Automobile Group Corp. – planned to bring the legendary sports car marque back to the U.S. in summer 2008, that plan clearly fell by the wayside. And 2009 doesn’t look good, either. In fact, Nanjing has suspended MG’s return to the U.S. indefinitely.

“The U.S.A. isn’t on the short-term radar as an anticipated market for us, but with the right product, it would be good to return there,” Gary Hagen, marketing director of NAC MG, told Austin Rover Online.

Nanjing originally planned to produce MG vehicles in Oklahoma, and was also slated to setup a research and development facility at the University of Oklahoma.

Hagen failed to reveal why MG’s U.S. plans had been cancelled, saying only “the deal fell through.” However, since Nanjing took over MG, it too has been acquired by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, according to Automotive News.

The last MG was sold in the U.S. in 1980, but the brand still enjoys a fairly loyal following. Early MG sports cars were extremely influential on the world’s automakers, so much so that an MG is the first car on display in the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
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