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Presumably that's why the MINI has done so well, owned by BMW, made in the UK, and selling well globally, then, Puppetland. Didn't BMW consider building MINI in China?

An MG, owned by a little known (in the Western world) Chinese company, made in Ardmore is less likely to succeed?

With the right marketing campaign playing on the fact that MG is and was intrinsically part of the US sports car scene will surely help, and with the Made in US tag it can only help.

MINI was a marketing success, the Mini had had a brief appearance in the US between it's launch and 1973, yet its return worked, probably better than the Beetle's return.

MG has an edge, 80% of production went to the US between the 40s and 1980. There are more MG enthusiasts today in the US likely to order one than ever there were Mini fans before the launch of MINI. Sure, some of the MG enthusiasts won't be keen if it is not built at Abingdon, but I would think that the right marketing would work. Even with its various recalls, MINI has succeeded.
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